People following the veganism are known


AS the name suggests, the vegan diet eliminated the consumption of all animal products. It strictly depends on vegetables and not on any animal product. The reasons behind this, being it’s environmental, ethical and health factors. The vegan diet develops from veganism which is strictly against the exploitation of animals and cruelty towards them. The strictest form of vegetarianism is called veganism. People following the veganism are known as vegans.

1.    How it works: The vegan diet consists of only vegetables and soy products. Soy products like soy milk are obtained from soya beans. The vegans strictly discourage the consumption of any form of meat, dairy items, eggs, processed animal products, gelatin, honey, whey, albumin, some edibles consisting vitamin D3 and casein.

2.    Weight loss: It is the most effective diet for weight loss. You don’t have to count your calories when you are on a vegan diet. The foods you consume in this diet are low in fat content and high in fiber content. It keeps your stomach full for a longer span of time and reduced the number of meals you consume. This form of diet is directly associated with reducing body weight and BMI or Body Mass Index.


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People following the veganism are known